About Me

Jun 14, 2012

looking back at my posts. :/
i feel....weird -_____-

the way i write now and how i used to write, it's really different. 
i bet i would say the same thing in three years time. hahaha :D

humans change, appearance, attitude, behavior, physical attributes, personalities....they change
i wonder if ever there is something that wouldn't change forever. not even a slightest. hmmmm...


My Wonderful Friends

So, you, you and you. Well, more of you and you.

You #1.

you like to post statuses that make you sound like some expert. so experienced. :)
you think you know everyone. so understanding. :)
you have so many family members. you have a clan, wow. :)
you dump your friends when you meet new ones. how nice of you. :)
you are angry at your dad because he didn't buy you dinner but for your sister. i believe you almost died of starvation at that time. )
you don't care about others when the guys are around. so, you are a girl. :)

at least you are better than You #2. :)

Apr 26, 2012

I hope I am back :\

Wow, it has been a loooooong time i've had blog.
The last time i blogged, was...two years ago? @.@

Anyway, I am back. :D
I love diaries, but I am just too lazy to write it everyday...... 
I don't really get how people write diary every single day, hahah

Errr, needa go now. 

Jan 31, 2010

wow..the last day of january
time flies...i believe i can fly
if i m the one who is flying, Great!
but if the time is flying, Darn!

honestly,till now,
i still cant stick with the
luckily the panda havent come find me
we're still playing hide a seek for the time being
if panda comes, no way i hit it in the eyes
the eyes wont change, still the same old black colour
since i have so many class funds..i mean money
makan suap will done
clever me

lots of stories to share with you all
especially the teachers who teaches 3A1
(they're very very interesting)
i think it we leave till the next post, deal?

Hitz Songs?
What goes around comes around
by Justin Timberlake

Jan 4, 2010

first day of school..
nothing really special...
heard the 3 suckers gave lame & long speech
like we are new buddies..duhh
the speech last almost for and hour..damn it
not just that, because of the rain, almost 2000 students
stuck in the damn small hall
which only can fit around 1000
no oxygen..fainted..hospital..lawyer firm..sue the school

form teacher..mrs.shandy..i mean shanti..wateva
i am not going to like her...
not just her..and others too..
they all like act pro..macam yes..very lan ci
maybe morning teachers are like that
i still need to face them for the whole year..
macam mana nak tahan? TT

election for class ajk..
no comments..
3 years BENDAHARI in a row..
ok, i know that i love money..
but not this way...no choice
really think they should vote for new one
let them have a try, maybe they could do better than us

looking forward to meet other subjects teacher
but hope that they are not what i describe
and really desperate if pn.sugumarie could teach us
honestly..what so big deal about form 3 or morning session?
the difference with the juniors are, we have a collar badge
just want to let those biggy know, stop babbling during assembly
you know we wont listen so just shut up
dont waste your saliva and our time, by the way
we're not kinddys dude!!

Dec 23, 2009

from yesterday,
i went back to DA ZHI to help,
because lack of ppl for the chanting ceremony
these few days are very precious for me
not just that i learn loads of daily life things
i also started to ''see'' ppl hearts
orally and physically

*i wouldnt like to use one name
nobody like to see their name in other ppl blogs
because of bad bad things*

yesterday, we have lots and lots of baskets, big containers
and especially the thing we use to cover the food
we need to rub the dirt away and clean them
if i am not mistaken, the amount reach 30++
never mind, we only got a few friends around to help
good gracious, how can we finish cleaning them by time?!
but we still have to finish our work, though
so, we started dividing to groups
which to scrub, which to wash
luckily the weather is kinda windy and we enjoyed
within half an hour,
in came more baskets....
i am speechless...

do you know how dirty those things is?
my god, i cant even describe,
we didnt even have a pair of glove dude
but we didnt think much
right now, we just need to finish our work
actually i also dont really mind those dirt
doing the work with a bunch of friends
threw everything negative away
isnt that great?

minutes tick by..
eventhough we have finished part of them
but in every sight of mine still consists of a lot more
like its not becoming lesser but the opposite
i was quite relief and happy
when she came and help
but i am wrong
it was worst than a disaster
four of us were scrubing and one of us were washing
so, i asked them whether they could help with the washing
2 pills for soap + water another 2 pills for clean water
one of the she take the hose (need to spray of the dirt)
(actually the hose thingy, my friend take care)
so, i told her that she should hand wash the things
before spraying
but she didnt follow what say..
maybe she didnt get what i mean..
so i repeated the same words
and still she did not follow
ahh, i get it..she doesnt want to use her jade hand
well, i am not so happy that time but i didnt show it out
so, i let her spray as much as she like
later, my friend take over back her job
and 'she' took those washed to let it dry under the sunlight
i guess it was a good idea, at least she wasnt within my sight
she pass by us when taking it to dry
and the meantime, i felt raindrops pouring on my back
goodness, can she hold it higher?
use your damn brain to think..even a pig is smarter than you
i never even heard a sorry from her..ARGH!!

i really cant stand her man..
i really want to stand up,shout at her and smack her face
but cant i, can i?
i cant just scold her just because to let me feel better,
i need to think of others circumtances..
be patience, i told myself
calm down and most of all...SABAR!!

any kind of ppl also exist around you..
be careful...